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Presidents, Actors, and Professional Athletes
rely on coaches. Leaders in organizations also need a coach, a confidant, someone whose feedback can be trusted and whose judgment is sound. Carol Kinsey Goman finds herself increasingly in this role. One client (the president of a pharmaceutical company), asked Carol to help him communicate more effectively with his executive team. Another (an international trade association’s Chief Executive Officer), needed Carol’s expertise on relationship challenges she was facing with members of her board.

As an executive coach, Carol offers the following:

She listens
You can confide in Carol about things you don’t or can’t normally discuss with people inside your organization. Carol’s professionalism assures that she is discreet and trustworthy.

She focuses on relationships
As a leader, your job is to inspire others to achieve results. Carol can help you forge positive and productive relationships with the people you deal with on a daily basis. Detailing the specific behaviors she observes, she comments on how your body language, speaking style and overall communication tactics affect others. Coaching suggestions are then created to close the gap between any unintended impact and your true goals and intentions.

She is candid
For any leader, it’s hard not to get isolated. It can be difficult to get straight information and to get people to tell you the truth. Carol is honest and up-front with her observations and feedback.

She brings her expertise in verbal and nonverbal communication

In addition to her background as a therapist in private practice, Carol has been a professional communicator for over 25 years. She can help prepare you for a board meeting, a television interview, or a "town-hall" style presentation. 

She facilitates
As a follow-up to her coaching assignments, Carol is often asked to facilitate leadership retreats or speak at strategic meetings.

She brings a light touch
Leaders face serious issues and have to make tough decisions – but that doesn’t mean they can’t “lighten up.” Carol encourages celebration, humor and fun.