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Client Reviews

“The all-time greatest speaker I have ever worked with.
I’ve worked with Carol numerous times over a 12-year period. She has an incredible rapport and ability to connect with the audience. I’ve seen her present to an audience of CEOs and totally blow them away. Her material is always original and fresh, and she knows it like a book.”
Conference Coordinator, The Conference Board

“Thank you for making the President’s Club Conference such a success. Your remarks were right on target, and your presentation style was perfect for this group of our top salespeople. You were given the highest rating of all the speakers.”
Corporate Meetings Manager, ServiStar Corporation

“That was one terrific presentation! You had a very tough audience – our top 40 officers – and you handled them beautifully. It is rare for these busy people to sit still for two hours, but they were very involved with what you had to say. First, your material was very relevant to many of the critical issues we are dealing with today. Your mix of research material, anecdotes, and audience involvement was also just right. You are a true professional with a great sense of humor.”
Vice President, Enterprise Planning, Prudential Insurance

“When you are at the helm of an event, I can sleep the night before. I know you will be ultimately prepared, intensely relevant, and that your delivery will reflect a balance of expertise and humor. Even so, last week in Nashville you exceeded my expectations. Thank you for an outstanding program.”
Director, Executive Leaning Networks, Belmont University

“In addition to being the hit of the conference, you were a delight to work with. The way you committed to understand our story and to tailor your message accordingly was key to the success. I appreciated your willingness and persistence to talk with a number of our Officers to get a better understanding of what our needs were, and how your expertise could be applied to meet those needs. It is so refreshing to work with someone who is not only an expert in her field, but places a high value on commitment and service to customer.”
Manager, Business Improvement Team, TDS TELECOM

“Damn! You’re good! I spent all day Sunday basking in the reflected glory of your keynote talk opening the night before for our Training Editors Conference. You were witty and inspiring and you suggested remedies that were doable.”
Program Director, The Freedom Forum Pacific Coast Center